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On this part of the site it will be out intention to have links to the work of artists we are publishing. This work will only be available for purchase through our partner galleries.venice beauty

When an artist creates a picture they own the copyright even if they sell the original painting, it makes sense for the artist to produce a limited number of reproductions, hence the term "limited editions". These are sold at a lower price than an original and, depending on the fame of the artist, have some potential investment value, though it is much more sensible to purchase art because you like it rather than thinking it may be worth more in a few years time!

Whilst there are many methods of printing reproductions the modern fine art printing systems can produce work that is often indistinguishable from the original. This is one reason why the artist will sign each print and mark it with the total number in the edition and the unique number of the print. The generic name for this type of printing is 'Giclee'. One advantage of Giclees is the light fastness of the inks used, unless shut off from the light a watercolour will fade in time, whilst our prints are guaranteed for 100 years.

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