Most of our framing work is bespoke  i.e. creating a special frame to match the work and its intended surroundings. We are also happy to make up frames, with or without glass backs etc for you to assemble yourself.

For artists

We understand for many artists the cost of framing represents a financial burden, we offer a discount off our retail prices or various schemes to spread the cost of framing. When an artist is supplying work to a partner gallery we will consider an arrangement where we get paid when the work is sold.

For Galleriesfloated artwork

We are very interested in offering our framing services to galleries either for their own work or that of their customers. Galleries receive a off our normal retail prices. We operate a regular delivery in our local area and would be happy to discuss deliveries and collections further afield if the business warrants it.

For home furnisher

When having a picture framed from scratch it is very important to match all aspects of the job, not only with the artwork, but also with the decor in the room.


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