We can offer a symbiotic relationship with art galleries who can utilise some or all of our services whilst we can benefit from a gallery's relationship with their artists.

Fine Art Prints

We publish the work of a number of artists and are are always looking for more. Unlike most publishers of prints we do not necessarily require payment in advance but are prepared to offer, to our partner galleries, framed prints on a sale or return basis.


Of course we are more than happy to do your framing or frame for your customers where you can earn a commission. However, it is for your artists where we feel we can be of the most value if you become a "partner gallery", for those artists who sale regularly we will do their framing on with no up front payment.

Partner Galleries*

Whilst we are are more than happy to do business with a gallery on normal trade terms we believe that we can offer one another more by a developing a special relationship.

  • Sale or return on Framed Limited Editions
    We will lend you a selection of our limited editions for up to 6 months. Should they be sold then you receive 40% of our agreed selling price. The maximum number loaned is limited to 5 times the value of your initial gesture purchase/payment, see below. Our payment terms are payment for work sold by the 10th day of the month following the sale.
  • Your artists' work framed for no up front charge
    For your established artists and who sale regularly we will frame their work for no initial charge. The work must be for display in your gallery. Should the work be sold we will be paid for the framing in line with our normal terms. Should it be removed from the gallery or not sold within 6 months then payment will become due by the artist with a 20% discount off the normal retail framing cost. Alternatively the artist may pay the full cost by 4 monthly interest free payments.
  • Your artists may pay for framing with 4 monthly interest free payments
    The cost of framing is often a difficult hurdle for some artists, we will accept 4 equal payments, the first on delivery of the framing then the remaining 3 payments at monthly intervals. No interest is charged for this service. Again the artist must be know to you and one you approve of.
  • We will produce fine art prints for your artists with no up front cost
    The initial costs is often a limiting factor to an artist getting started in this lucrative field. Naturally this offer is dependant on the track record of the artist and the assessment of the work

What we require

A small token gesture of commitment, this could be by the purchase of a minimum of £200 of our limited editions or a non refundable deposit of £100.

*All offers are dependant on our assessment of the financial viability of each case

Our Services

Quality & Customer Service are our primary aims. If you see something we should do better please let us know.

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