Working with artists at the First-View Gallery has shown a number of areas where we can be of assistance:

  • Discount on Framing
  • Special no payment arrangements through our partner galleries
  • Option of 4 interest free monthly payments
  • Local delivery
  • Mount cutting
  • Quick turnaround
  • Art publishing
  • Image capture

We are very conscious that the cost of framing is a burden to many artists. Some would prefer to minimise this cost by doing their own framing, we are more than happy to work with these artists by supplying anything they might require. Our £12 price for cutting a whole board into multiple mounts being one example. There are always a number of 2nd hand or not required frames available at the First-View Gallery which are sold at a fraction of the normal price.

For artists of all standards we will offer a discount off the regular price for framing. For artists showing in one of our participating galleries we also offer the opportunity to have no up front payment for framing, if the work is sold we would then receive payment from the gallery, if it doesn't sell we would then look to the artist for payment with discount, or by our 4 interest free monthly payment terms.

Most artists now realise there is potentially far more money to be made from selling prints than from selling the original. The fine art printing page shows ways we can work with you.

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