Image Capture

One of the biggest assets and artist has in relationship to their work is copyright, unlike engineers and inventors who have to spend £1,000s protecting their intellectual property artists and authors get a far higher degree of protection for free, for much longer perods and without having to go through a lengthy legal process.picture with glass

As a general rule it is possible to make more money from selling fine art reproductions than from the sale of the original. The problem for many artists is that sell their work without having first captured an image of suffcient quality to enable reproduction or even as an archival record. It may well be a wise investment to have your work scanned at high resolution before it passes out of your control.

The cost of image capture is dependant on the quality of image required. At the lowest level where the image is required as simple visual record this can be as low as £5 per image. We have developed a system for capturing the image behind glass for this type of work as the image on the right illustrates.

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